A Little bit of nostalgia in a modern atmosphere

"We are not makers of history, 
We are made by History!" -M.L.K
"History is who we are and
why we are the way we are. 
History is not just the past. 
History is the present." 

A brief history of Poplar Quik Stop.....

          The Poplar Restaurant legend had to start somewhere, right? Well it first opened in the 1960's. It started out as a sit down dining place that seated about 130 people in the main area and dining room. The restaurant also had a 79x 30 foot canopy with speakers outside and intercom for summer drive up ordering.

          Over the years it has still held its history of food business providing the town with the best burgers and fried food choices. With the 3 simple concepts that are most important in any business Quality, Service & Speed.            

Poplar Quik Stop will continue to to make sure everyone who walks through those doors continue to be friends and not just any customer. Speed will remain an important factor due to lunch breaks not being so long, we don't want you spending it standing in line.

           We will also be providing you with even more variety so please stay tuned to what we will be introducing you to.  All our foods are prepped by hand earlier that day for the highest level of freshness and flavor. 

           We are proud of our neighborhood roots. It's our deep commitment to quality food, genuine service, and our customers that keep Poplar growing. 

           We also want to thank everyone who have been so welcoming to new owners and promise to provide you with the best customer service!

We look forward to continue serving you! 

Poplar Restaurant Upgrade

Poplar Drive In Menu from 1960's